Sto·chas·ti·city [sto-kas-ti-sity] n. 1. Lacking any predictable order or plan. (syn. Enigmatic, Erratic, Randomness.)

Mel·a·nie [mel-uh-nee] n. 1. An inappropriate 20 something tea enthusiast, but coffee drinker, self educated Dutch speaker, awesome auntie, writer of things, sporadic YouTube vlogger, retail worker, and TV, Film, & culture junky.
2. "Just a small town girl, living in a LONELY WORRRRLD!"

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i like girls who look like they kill people for a living


Who is this and why does she look like the child of Hawkeye and Black Widow

That’s Natalie Dormer, and oh mY GOsH you’re right she does look their child!!!

that’s what happened in budapest. 

person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU

me: well okay for starters i wouldn't have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made

when someone’s flaws are not flaws in your eyes, you’re fucked.

mine.  (via clatite)

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